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Teacher Blogs

Louden Clear Learning Design
Kristy Louden, a high school English teacher turned instructional designer/trainer, runs a fresh and well-organized blog full of useful resources. Her site is organized into four main categories: Instruction, Classroom Management, Professional Development and Beyond Teaching. Kristy hits on a wide array of hot topics for educators. I find myself scrolling for longer than I intended with every visit. Interestingly, she writes of her love for teaching and yet her desire to transition
out of the classroom.
Louden offers some useful advice to educators that may find themselves in the same boat. One of my favorite features is her classroom management section where Louden offers some terrific tips and strategies for communication with parents and running an efficient classroom.

Meagan Kelly is the creator of i (heart) EDU, a blog that focuses on math, educational
technology, and other teaching resources. Kelly is a self proclaimed technology nerd who teaches math in Southern California. Her blog is inviting and user friendly. As a Google Certified Educator, Trainer and Innovator, Kelly offers a unique perspective and wide variety of tips and information related to technology. Her site has addressed the challenges of distance learning with many posts highlighting the demands on educators and students. She makes navigating the always evolving world of technology look fun. My last visit I stumbled upon a book review she gave on a title that has been on my to read list for some time. Her perspective on the book was insightful and showed her desire to grow as a professional and leader in her field.

Teaching with Technology
Bethany Petty, a high school Social Studies teacher, blogs about technology and social studies. Perhaps because my undergraduate work in Secondary Education was in Social Studies, I enjoy and relate to Bethany’s resources. She offers useful links to YouTube videos and tutorials and HyperDocs. Her latest post, which she admittedly does from her daughter’s basketball practice, shows she is in touch with the juggle many teachers participate in daily, balancing a demanding and ever changing career with family life. Her post gives readers tips for Google Forms with detailed and easy to follow instructions. An interesting component of her blog is a Teachers Pay Teachers section where teachers can purchase lessons from other teachers for a fee. I do find the continuous flash ads on this site distracting, but overall a worthwhile visit.

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